Legos Napa

Legos Napa

Go to Loose Caboose Hobby Shop (Legos Napa) for the latest Lego Sets!  We

have quick parking, and friendly faces for those tricky Lego purchase decisions!  Right at the entrance of the store is a large display of Lego Sets and Figures.  Stop by or call us.  Legos are wonderful gifts all the year round and during the holiday seasons.

Give your children the gift of hours of play Cool and indulge in building fine-motor skills, creativity, problem solving, and learning to follow step-by-step instructions. This play is an essential ingredient for gaining social skills such as teamwork.

Need a little extra help?  Lego has a page of videos to assist you and your child.  Here are a few more tips:  Try starting with a set piece from one of the lego sets, have a picture of the finished product in your mind, use angle pieces and joints so the model is more than blocks on top of blocks, use a base piece to pull the creation together, emphasize a certain aspect or use colors to add detail and draw attention.

Loose Caboose has legos, trains, models, toys for younger children and many other surprises.  Do you want to make that lego model more permanent then we’ve to the tools and glue for you!  It is a full fledged hobby shop with collectors items and other cool stuff!