Starting a New Model Train Layout
Model Train Layout

Q: Why collect model trains?
A:Collecting model trains is fun and easy. An excellent hobby with manyvarieties of trains, buildings, scenery and sizes to satisfy everyone from the die-hard train fan to just someone looking for something to run around the Christmas tree. Model trains are a quality product and a hobby that will bring you years of enjoyment!

Q: Is it expensive?
A: No, sure there are a few high end items as with anything but the majority is incredibly affordable. With all the different manufactures and sizes it’s easy to find the train sets that fits your needs.

Q: What are the different scales?
A: Model trains are designed to be an exact replica of the real train just “scaled” down. So if a G-scale locomotive says its 1:22.5 scale that means it is 22.5 times smaller than the real locomotive.

Q: How do I know which scale is right for me?
A: Let’s take a look at what each scale has to offer.

Model Railroad Sizes

G Scale:
The garden scale. G is the largest of the scales and is commonly called the garden scale do to it’s ability to run outdoors. The rails of the track are constructed of solid brass and are incredibly resilient to the elements and the locomotives are designed to brave the weather also. Big and easy it is a great size for the junior model railroader to get started with and with sets starting around $125.00 its something that will last you for years and years.

O Scale:
For many years people have associated the name Lionel with toy trains. Starting just before the turn of the century O-scale started out as stamped tin plate and has progressed to the highly detailed ABS plastic body’s of today. An exciting scale that tends to have a little more collectability than the other scales. And With many of the locomotives coming with realistic puffing smoke, and amazing sounding digital sound it makes for a real fun train to just have cruising around the house or Christmas tree.

HO Scale:
Tends to be one of the more popular scales especially among people looking to build a scale layout. With millions of product’s on the market it gives you a lot of ways to customize and individualize your own model train. It’s smaller size makes it easy to set up on a table, floor 3×5 or 4×8 board. HO is extremely cost effective and the quality out there is outstanding.

N Scale:
N is one of the smallest sizes in model railroading with the average locomotive being just 3 to 4 inches long it allows you to run a lot of things in a small area. The detail and scale look of N is truly impressive with lot’s of quality products on the market. N-scale is another favorite among people looking to build a little layout to have decorating the house.